В колонках играет - всё Radiohead.

есть "список любимых песен", а "список любимых строчек из любимых песен" это уже детализация.
*открывает папку Radiohead [здесь столько строчек, что я до вечера буду этот пост писать]. itak:
creep: i want you to notice when im not around.
true love waits: i'm not living, i'm just killing time..
fake plastic trees: she looks like the real thing, she tastes like the real thing, my fake plastic love..
street spirit: immerse your soul in love..
bulletproof... i wish i was: you have turned me in to this, just wish that it..
the bends: where are you now, when i need you?
high and dry: all your insides fall to pieces, you just sit there wishing you could still make love..
banana co: she said she like to she sees you...
talk show host: you want me? fuckin common and break the door down..
paranoid android: ambition makes you look pretty ugly, kicking, screaming gucci little piggy...
т.к. песня гениальная ей отводится две строчки]
paranoid android: god loves his children, god loves his children, yeah!
exit music: and now we are one in everlasting peace...
стало жарко]
let down: bouncin back and ooooooooneeeeeee daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... (im gonna grow wings) (a chemical reaction.... where you are?) (histerical and useless)... [jez,
какая песня!]
karma police: for a minute there i lost myself.
climbing up the walls: open up your skull, i'll be there...
no surprises: no alarms and no surprises, sileeent, sileeeeeent... this is my final fit, my final bellyache.
lucky: the head of state, has call for me by name, i dont have time for him...
the tourist: hey, idiot, slow down. 🙂
polyethilene: if i get scared i just call you... [
так то я бы тут всю песню написал]
everything in its right place: what was that you try to say? TRY TO SAAAAAAAAAAY.
how to dissapear completely:
the moment's already passed, yeah it's gone...
idioteque: mobiles working, mobiles chirpin, take the money and run, take the money and run, take the money...
motion picture soundtrack: maybe i will see you in next life..
packt like sardines in crushed tin box: after years of waiting, you're a reasonable man..
you and whose army: you forget so easy..
i might be wrong: let us have a good time it's nothing at all..
йа устааааал]
2+2=5: dont question my authority!
where i end and you begin: i am up in the clouds, and i cant and i cant come now.
the gloaming: they will suck you down to the other side, to the shadows blue and red..
there there: just cause you feel it doesnt mean it's there...
i will: meet the real world coming out of your shell..
backdrifts: we're backdrifting..

детализация продолжится, но как нибудь позже всё-таки, ибо прослушивание и переживание этого всего заново - штука изматывающая.